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The Kidwells Group is a collective of companies – offering a variety of services – and is a collaboration of Kidwells Solicitors, Kidwells Accountancy, Kidwells Business Solutions (Kidwells24), Kidwells Business Loans, Kidwells Yachts, Kidwells Lettings, Kidwells Investments and Kidwells House.

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About Kidwells Group

The Kidwells Group is a collective of dynamic companies, specialising in law, marketing, accounting, and loans. Our diverse range of services allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to meet varied client needs.

Our central focus is on delivering top-quality service. We aim to exceed expectations by offering expert guidance infused with a personalised touch that reflects our genuine passion for our work. This commitment extends to effective communication and strong connections in all our professional relationships.
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Our Services


We offer a variety of services aimed at assisting individuals and families seeking legal help. Recognising the sensitivity of these matters, we work hard to ensure everyone departs with a favourable resolution.

For businesses, our approach is customised to suit your specific operational needs. Our team is adept at providing guidance on business startups, contracts, corporate services, and strategic decision-making for long-term success.


Providing a blend of creative, strategic, and analytical prowess distinguishes us from agencies focused solely on particular niches. We deliver a comprehensive solution, sparing you the hassle of engaging multiple firms for your marketing requisites.

Embedded in our operations, our core brand values: Trust, Growth and Support are foundational to cultivating enduring partnerships with our collaborators. Our subsidiary brand, ‘What’s In Herefordshire’ underscores our ethos by fostering connections between businesses and consumers within localised communities.


Kidwells Accountancy specialises in providing services to sole traders, limited companies, partnerships, landlords, directors, and contractors.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in both accounting and business, our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of various financial scenarios. This enables us to offer expert guidance to facilitate informed decision-making and streamline your routine tasks, saving you valuable time.


Our commercial business loans serve a variety of purposes, whether it is acquiring equipment, expanding your workforce, or bolstering cash flow — whatever your next step needs to be.

Securing a business loan at a critical moment can be tough. We offer unsecured business loans with no need for a perfect credit history. We understand the urgency and aim to provide accessible financial support when it’s needed most.

Interested in our services?

Whether you're looking for expert solutions, personalised advice, or simply want to discover the full range of our offerings. We would love to hear from you!


Olivia Bradbury
Kidwells Solicitors
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"Alan was extremely kind, patient and generous in helping me with a legal situation in which I felt vulnerable and bullied.

He reassured me and gave me practical advice as to the various options to deal with the situation. I highly recommend Kidwells Solicitors. An excellent service."
Mell Lloyd - Maples Tearooms
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"The web design process ran smoothly from start to finish, in the past I tried to set up my own but was unsuccessful. A member of the web design team was assigned to my project and became my first point of call, we had a face-to-face consultation to start and then it progressed from there to the website I’m happy with today. The ease if there’s a problem is brilliant. "
Molly Spence
Kidwells Accountancy
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"Emily submitted my Self Assessment - I literally did nothing but answer some questions and give her access to my quickbooks. She was very helpful, professional, fast and faff free."
Sarah F on TripAdvisor
Kidwells House
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"Excellent place for an overnight stay. Staff very good at communicating via email in advance when booking & were able to accommodate changes as needed.

Very friendly on arrival and the rooms were perfect- clean with comfy beds and all the amenities. Car park very useful. We all had a great time- thanks so much."
The Sproules
Kidwells Solicitors
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"Their customer service was just brilliant. Everyone was very efficient and so helpful and very informative. Michael was so understanding and explained everything to me simply and clearly and gave me sound legal advice. He was a breath of fresh air."

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