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Esme in the Hereford Office
Photos of Kidwells House
Outside of Festival House
The Kidwells Group is a collective of companies – offering a variety of services – and is a collaboration of Kidwells Solicitors, Kidwells Accountancy, Kidwells Business Solutions (Kidwells24), Kidwells Business Loans, Kidwells Yachts, Kidwells Lettings, Kidwells Investments and Kidwells House.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality service and hope that our passion for the work we do is always communicated to everyone we work with.

Not only do we work to empower our clients and customers, we aim to do the same with our staff. The team enjoy a high quality of work, in an energetic and friendly environment where there is the opportunity to learn, evolve, and make a real difference in the lives of our clients.

From starting as a Sole practitioner in 2008 to building a group of businesses with 35+ employees by 2024, find out how Kidwells Group has developed.

Kidwells Companies

Kidwells companies work independently across a range of professional industries that provide services across the UK.